Wood ash 6/4 = 38 mm (Ash 6/4) sawn timber imported from the US often made Furniture, flooring, doors, architectural materials, carved furniture and decorative moldings. high quality, kitchen cabinets and sports equipment.

Aspergillus wood has good mechanical properties, good adhesion, nail stickiness and high adhesive, easy to color and polished. Shrimp is relatively easy to dry. Wood is less distorted when dried.

Physical characteristics: The logs have good overall bearing capacity and this capacity corresponds to the weight of the wood. The impact resistance of the ash is excellent, the wood is easy to bend by steam.

Ash is dried to a moisture content of 8-12 degrees Celsius

– Dimensions
: 6/4 = 38mm
+ Width: 70mm to 300mm
+ Length: from 4 feet = 1.2m to 16 feet = 4.8m

– Packed ash sawn
+ Short
description : 4 → 6 feet + Length: 10 → 16feet

– Classification:
Class 1C
Class 2C
Class 3C

Durability: The center of resistance is not resistant. Silt is susceptible to common woodworm attacks. The heartwood is relatively impervious to preservatives, but the wood can be absorbed.

Main uses: furniture, flooring, carved furniture and high quality interior decoration, doors, kitchen cabinets, paneling, tools of all kinds, sports tools, lumber …


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