Wood Walnut

Walnut wood imports (walnut wood) always famous beauty of colored wood itself, chestnut dark interwoven system of natural wood grain soft and luxurious.

Vietnamese name: Walnut wood. English name: Black Walnut, American Walnut. Scientific Name: Juglan nigra

General description:

Walnut wood imports are products of a process design and production-based materials with bold black walnut natural color is directly imported from North America.

All of these products, first of all coated with a protective oil, is an oil that can penetrate the natural, sharp colors of Black Dog. Finally, a layer of natural oil. The layers of oil used in the production process are able to protect our furniture from common stains and save the rustic and long-lasting natural colors.

Main uses:

Imported walnut wood is used for cabinets, architectural materials, high-grade wood, doors, flooring, gun shades, car decor. Dog Walnut is also suitable for coloring wood, contrasting with other types of wood.

The color of walnut is always the most popular color in the world and so on in Vietnam.

Imported walnut sawn, processed and processed, from the United States has a moisture content of 8-12%

– Size of walnut (sawn wood)

+ Thickness: 4/4 “= 25.4 mm

+ Width: 4 inches = 100mm to 11 inches = 27.94mm. The widest widespread is from 5 “= 12.7mm to 8” = 20.32mm.

– Imported walnut is classified as follows:

FAS, Prime, Class 1C, Class 2c or 2AC; Type 3C or 3AC

Please see the article: Walnut wood – The classification of wood

However, at present, in Vietnam market only imported walnut type 4/4 “type 1c, 2c, 2AC, and 3AC. The FAS and Prime are hardly available due to high prices. If you need FAS or Prime please contact our company to buy CIF or delivery price to your store. With a delivery time of 60 days.


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