Terms & Conditions

All visits with us is upon a booked and scheduled appointment. Client who aims at vsiting us with out appointment, you will not be attended to by the security.
We advice buyers to review each contract page as signed contract takes immediate effects. Any later adjustments are considered null and void.

Buyers MUST be aware that Proforma Invoices are ONLY issued after seller and buyer agreements to make immediate payments. Once the proforma invoice has been issued, payment is expected to be done within 3 working days.
If after the Third day payment has not been wired, the proforma invoice will be null and void.

All shipments are processed and executed in Hamburg “ Germany “ All shipping documentations are scanned and emailed to buyers immediately upon shipment departure while originals are executed via DHL or FEDEX Express delivery respectively.
Clients will have to provide their delivery details for the documents to be mailed to the designated address.
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email as well as a shipment tracking number for your order.
Shipping is currently available to all countries around the world once we have the precise destination port / neighbouring port closest to your country.
We will make every attempt to ship out your order as soon as possible.

Our payment terms is strictly T/T payment. For any order to be processed, we require prepayment which will enable us to start with your order processing.
In some cases, the complete payment is required.
We do not accept Letter of Credit (L/C) OR Bank Guarantee , Amex , Mastercard , Visa or Maestro for first time order with new clients.

In-case of cancellation or dispute after payments, We do offer a maximum of 4 weeks for refund. Refunds are 100%.

We reserve the rights to refuse disclosure of other documentations , contact details as it might concern our customers.
It is one of our policies to protect our clients information to be shared with third party without their prior notification.
Business ethics do not guarantee such act to be carried out.


We reserve the RIGHTS to cancel orders we are not satisfied with (Applicable to Minimum orders, delivery conflict ports etc). Also We Reserve the RIGHTS to choose our Customers Respectively

For More Information Regarding our Terms and Conditions , Please kindly contact us for clarification.